Hello, I'm Manuel De Vits

A coach, speaker, and sales efficiency expert
known for my ability to achieve
maximum output with minimum
resource through social selling.

hello, i'm manuel

A coach, speaker, and advisor
known for my ability to achieve
maximum output with minimum
resource input through social selling.

From hardcore B2B selling to modern social selling techniques - from Automotive to
High-Tech industries.

I've spent the last 20 years learning everything there is to know about sales and marketing.
I'm currently applying this knowledge in my role as a Founder for Valyman Consulting, where I help people reach the right people and improve sales efficiency.
I do this by coaching, managing, and mentoring businesses, C-level, and sales professionals all across Europe (West & East) on delivering real results.

What I Do

Coaching and Mentoring
You can gain knowledge through books and media. With coaching and mentoring you'll get my guidance, challenge, clarity and support. And my experience, of course.
Linkedin Profile Services
I help sales and C-level executives strategize and transform their LinkedIn profiles into a powerful social selling tool.


When you need someone with strong connections and follow up system to start a movement in your business.

A Few Recommendations
Can't Wait To Hear From You
I'm always open to meet new people and help if I can.
I respond within 24 hours,
whichever channel you use.


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